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Alex Buscher founded Buscher Law in November 2018 after helping inform the U.S. Congress of then-current regulation classifying commercial hemp an illegal Schedule I substance under federal law, and the laws of most states. During this time, most in the industry mistakenly believed that the 2014 Farm Bill had legalized hemp and CBD commercially nationwide, which simply was not the case. Seeing the massive need for diligent, effective, and efficient legal services for the hemp industry, Buscher law was formed.

Buscher's experience at the forefront of the evolving legal cannabis field led to the realization that businesses in most industries are not adequately protected and many of the techniques learned for high-risk businesses apply universally.


Buscher Law now serves business clients in many different industries including: real estate, blockchain, music business, cannabis/hemp, restaurants, food & supplement manufacturers, and more.


Reach out risk-free to discuss how Buscher Law can be an asset to you and your business.

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