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Alex Buscher founded Buscher Law in November 2018 after helping inform the U.S. Congress of then-current regulation classifying commercial hemp an illegal Schedule I substance under federal law, and the laws of most states. During this time, most in the industry mistakenly believed that the 2014 Farm Bill had legalized hemp and CBD commercially nationwide, which simply was not the case. Seeing the massive need for diligent, effective, and efficient legal services for the hemp industry, Buscher law was formed.

Buscher is at the forefront of the evolving legal cannabis field and has worked directly with the Colorado General Assembly to pass hemp and cannabis-related bills, previously chaired the NCIA Hemp Committee, and sat on numerous state regulatory work groups including Marijuana Sunset and the Colorado Hemp Advancement and Management Plan (CHAMP).


Buscher also helped extend the 2014 Farm Bill federally in 2020, allowing states more time to work directly with USDA on the final hemp rules. The subsequent release of USDA's final hemp rules were amended significantly from the interim rules in line with Buscher Law's comments, including in the areas of extending the moratorium on required DEA lab registration, increasing negligence violation threshold to 1% (from 0.5%), extending harvest window, and allowing remediation.

Buscher Law has gone fully remote to be as responsive and accessible to our clients as possible, and we're passing on the savings to our clients.

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