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Hemp Legal Overview

Cannabis laws are complicated, nuanced, constantly-changing, and differ in every state.

Click the links below to find information on both state and federal hemp law.

Marijuana and Hemp are both legal definitions for the same plant: Cannabis sativa L.

Hemp & Cannabis Articles

Asset Protection, Wealth Building & Estate Planning

Every client has a different mix of accounts, investments, businesses, and property that they want to protect from creditors, potential lawsuits, and over-taxation. With the right combination of business entities, trusts, tax-advantaged accounts, and use of gift tax exemptions, with good judgment one can ensure their wealth will not just continue to build during their lifetime, but their children's (and potentially even grandchildren's) lives as well. The earlier one plans, the more compounding potential and strategies are available; start now.


Buscher Law drafts customized trusts and wills, helps with re-titling property, helps properly insulate personal and business assets to mitigate liability, and advises on multiple other strategies focused on wealth building, while minimizing liability and estate taxes.


Reach out, the first consultation is free.

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