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This Growing Legal Frontier

Hemp and Marijuana are legal terms for the same plant: Cannabis sativa L.

Although many claim otherwise, both marijuana and hemp are the same plant. The distinction between hemp and marijuana is a legal one, based solely on the cannabis plant's delta-9 THC concentration.


Though currently lucrative, hemp is about so much more than CBD tinctures, cosmetics, distillates, and isolates. Visionary hemp entrepreneurs have the ability to transform commonly used products, create new sustainable products, and become millionaires in the process. But, the newly legalized industry is not without its risks.


Trust Buscher Law to help your business navigate this legal frontier successfully, profitably, and legally. If your business focus is long-term sustainability, soil to sale consumer product safety, continued operations without significant regulatory interference, and innovative product development, Buscher Law is the firm for you.  And if you have the next big idea in legal cannabis, Buscher Law will help make it a reality.

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